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Véronique Richard | Adapt or die

Véronique Richard | Adapt or die


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Evolution depends on adaptation: those who best adapt to their environment survive. If you have an adaptive advantage, you have a better chance of surviving and passing it on. Sometimes these advantages are achieved by those who are different, those who have undergone a mutation compared to the majority. In nature... but also in sport. Véronique Richard is an expert in performance psychology and teaches us to be more adaptable to our sporting environment and creative, because being ready to change always helps. Often, her means to achieve it, are environments to encourage athletes to navigate through discomfort and grow psychologically from it. Véronique gives us her lessons as a mental performance consultant of Cirque du Soleil and member of the National Generation 2032. A Coach Program that aims to increase Australian coaches to contribute to future Olympics.

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Notes of the episode

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Developing Cognitive and Motor Creativity in Children Through an Exercise Program Using Nonlinear Pedagogy Principles | Véronique Richard, Jean-Charles Lebeau, Fabian Becker, Nataniel Boiangin & Gershon Tenenbaum

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