DANI BALLART | The seed of success of Spanish waterpolo

DANI BALLART | The seed of success of Spanish waterpolo

10km running up the mountain, 1h and a half weights, 12km swimming with a shirt or weights, 1h gym, 1h and a half soccer match —because the coach wanted to play— and a last waterpolo training session was the daily bread of Dani Ballart and the entire Spanish waterpolo team to prepare for the Barcelona '92 Olympics. His coach, Dragan Matutinovic, justified his military methods in the face of the need to forge the character and mentality of a group of undisciplined players. Dani Ballart was the youngest of that historic team. He tells us how he passed the national team cut-off and what he has learned to become now a fighting for the Champions League title.

The conversation is in Spanish. You can watch it with English subtitles in the YouTube video of the episode or read the automatic English transcript by clicking on the menu above.

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Notes of the episode

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