ÀLEX TERÉS | Thank you for doubting

ÀLEX TERÉS | Thank you for doubting

Oscar Tusquets explains that when he was very young he learned that, when faced with a question for which they did not have a clear answer, only good teachers responded: “Well, I have to admit that I don’t know.” The bad ones never recognized it. Àlex Terés has been linked to basketball in multiple ways: as a coach of Catalan teams, of the American G-League, of lower categories in clubs such as FC Barcelona (for which he is now responsible of the youths teams) or individual technique coach. I assumed that someone who has lived so much basketball, in so many different contexts, would give me some certainties, but I have only seen doubts and caution. I guess I must have talked to a good teacher. In a society where doubt is more necessary than ever but seems to weaken... thanks for doubting, Àlex.

You can listen the conversation in Catalan; if you want the English version, you know you can find it in the YouTube video of the episode.

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Notes of the episode

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