NATÀLIA BALAGUÉ | Biological Intelligence

NATÀLIA BALAGUÉ | Biological Intelligence

The conversation with Natàlia is special because she is my mentor. For this reason, we talked in the hall of honor of the INEFC Barcelona and we recorded it. We did it in Spanish... but you have it with English subtitles in the YouTube video of the episode.

Natàlia just published her latest book, Inteligencia Biológica en acción: Cómo nos adaptamos. It will be available soon in English —Biological Intelligence in action: How we adapt. I definitely recommend that you not miss the wisdom of…

The labels Professor of the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia or Founder and Director of Complex Systems in Sport Research Group are too small to describe Natàlia Balagué. She applies complex systems approach to understand human behaviour in sport. From his wisdom have emerged professionals of great caliber, works like Training or Synergizing and Network Physiology of Exercise or books like Biological Intelligence. She doesn’t provide recipes or methodologies but ways of thinking to empower her readers to create their own.

This is what she did to me: I was looking for simple answers and she changed my gaze with complex questions. I will be grateful to Natàlia all my life.

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Notes of the episode

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Inteligencia Biológica en acción: Cómo nos adaptamos | Natàlia Balagué & Maricarmen Almarcha

Complejidad y deporte | Natàlia Balagué & Carlota Torrents

Training or Synergizing? Complex Systems Principles Change the Understanding of Sport Processes | Rafel Pol, Natàlia Balagué, Angel Ric, Carlota Torrents, John Kiely & Robert Hristovski

On the Relatedness and Nestedness of Constraints | Natàlia Balagué, Rafel Pol, Carlota Torrents, Angel Ric & Robert Hristovski

Network Physiology of Exercise: Vision and Perspectives | Natàlia Balagué, Robert Hristovski, Maricarmen Almarcha, Sergi Garcia-Retortillo & Plamen Ch. Ivanov

Theory of Cooperative-Competitive Intelligence: Principles, Research Directions, and Applications | Robert Hristovski & Natàlia Balagué

From microscopic to macroscopic sports injuries. Applying the complex dynamic systems approach to sports medicine: a narrative review | Rafel Pol, Robert Hristovski, Daniel Medina & Natalia Balague

Rule Makers, Rule Breakers: How Tight and Loose Cultures Wire Our World | Michele Gelfand

Robert Hristovski on ResearchGate

Wolfgang Schöllhorn on ResearchGate

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