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Albert Batalla | The art and science of teaching

Albert Batalla | The art and science of teaching


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The sprinter Michael Johnson had a singular running “technique”. That didn’t stop him from winning 9 world championships and 4 Olympic golds. One day, a journalist asked him: “Do you think that if you had run like the other sprinters you would have been a better athlete?” And he, very smart, answered: “If I had run like them I would have become one of them.” The best version of oneself is achieved when one has the courage to enhance one’s virtues even if it is challenging what the whole herd thinks. Albert Batalla is a university professor, but you will understand his figure better if I tell you that his authentic ideas make him the Michael Johnson of motor skills learning, training... and life. Now you can listen to his wisdom in Catalan. If you prefer the English version, you can watch the YouTube video of the episode.

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Notes of the episode

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