PEDRO FROM ANTICULTURISTA | Same problems, different solutions

PEDRO FROM ANTICULTURISTA | Same problems, different solutions

Pedro is the founder of the project AntiCulturista —AntiBodybuilder in English. A large part of the population associates strength training with the development of aesthetics. AntiCulturista is the complete opposite: a project about strength training focused on performance. If the goal is aesthetics, the person will end up with large but dysfunctional muscles unable to perform in sports... or in life.

To learn more about strength training for those who do not train for aesthetics but to perform more and better in their sport:

AntiCulturista and I are united by the purpose of questioning beliefs —which we consider erroneous— that are normalized throughout society. But, the truth is, we do it from two completely different battle fronts. Avoiding absolute truths, we discuss training points of view and approach problems from two different angles. In times where everything is either good or bad, you're either with me or against me... discussing and questioning things is more necessary than ever. Even if I don’t buy them 100%, there are some of his arguments that few have raised.

The conversation is in Spanish. You can watch it with English subtitles in the YouTube video of the episode or read the automatic English transcript by clicking on the menu above.

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Notes of the episode

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