JOHN KIELY | Lessons to create your own coaching path

JOHN KIELY | Lessons to create your own coaching path

John Kiely won the “monkey mind” every human has inside him and broke with all the biases, beliefs, thoughts... that unconsciously and erroneously reigned —and still do— in the world of sport. Unlike many, he does not go against the complexity and uncertainty of the sport, but moves in them like a fish in water. John Kiely is a sports professional with a way of doing things, of thinking... that allows him to treat athletes like people, not like machines. He knows why he does things, “that’s how always has been done” doesn’t go with him. He puts aside Excel and Big Data because he knows how to write down the most relevant information in his notebook. He masters the art of adapting to each context and player in front of him.

Having had the honor of speaking with him, I take away the feeling that John Kiely is a very good definition of a coach made person.

Martí Cañellas | Fosbury Flop

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Notes of the episode

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