MANUEL SOLA INTERVIEW | Embracing complexity in training... and life

MANUEL SOLA INTERVIEW | Embracing complexity in training... and life

Manuel Sola is the founder of the project Rendimento Evolutivo —Evolutionary Performance in English. He is a pioneer in applying complexity sciences to cycling training… and many different fields such as nutrition and health. He shares his knowledge in many ways. You can’t miss…

  • His Twitter profile @arjona_manu about endurance, performance, health, biology, complexity.

  • His book La Naturaleza del Entrenamiento —The Nature of Training, soon available in English.

  • His podcast Rendimiento Evolutivo —Evolutionary Performance— in all platforms.

  • His new project a virtual coach that adapts training and recovery to each individual cyclist and his/her needs.

  • His different courses about training on different areas and levels: from high performance training through strength, periodization or training design... among many others.

Manuel Sola —great disseminator about to complexity and sport, among many others— interviews me in his podcast Evolutionary Performance. On it, Manuel connects science, practice and experience to talk about everything that helps you improve your performance, without neglecting your health. The conversation explores the story of a change of perspective towards training and life. I answer the questions of Manuel as best I can, but what I like most is the knowledge he adds to every topic. My favorite one was, talking about the role of the coach. He summarized it saying “we control the stimulus, but not the adaptation.” If you enjoy it a small part of what I did... I am more than satisfied.

The conversation is in Spanish. You can watch it with English subtitles in the YouTube video of the episode or read the automatic English transcript by clicking on the menu above.

Martí Cañellas | Fosbury Flop

If it’s more convenient for you, here you have the video with English subtitles of the conversation with Manu:

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