CRAIG MORRIS | Prepared, not planned

CRAIG MORRIS | Prepared, not planned

Abraham Maslow said that “if the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail”. As coaches, we unconsciously carry a toolbox made up of our favorite ones that condition how we perceive and act in the reality we find ourselves in. As a result, we do not observe reality, but a biased image of it conditioned by what we want to see. Craig Morris beat the game and chose not to see reality based on his toolbox. He realized that, often, “the more you know, the less you see”, he threw away his toolbox and embraced an ethos of not-knowing to be open to what he found, not to what he was looking for. Craig is Olympic Canoe Slalom Coach for British Canoeing and at Fosbury Flop he tells us how his journey has been.

Martí Cañellas | Fosbury Flop

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Notes of the episode

On the wisdom of not-knowing: reflections of an Olympic Canoe Slalom coach | Craig Morris, Keith Davids & Carl T. Woods

‘Embracing turbulent waters’: Enhancing athlete self-regulation using the ‘PoST’ framework for performance preparation at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games | Craig Morris, Fabian W. Otte, Martyn Rothwell & Keith Davids

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