CARLOTA TORRENTS | Muse of creativity

CARLOTA TORRENTS | Muse of creativity

Carlota Torrents is a professor at the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia and a member of the Complex Systems in Sport research group. With her doctoral thesis, Carlota was one of the pioneers in bringing dynamical systems theory to training. She has published dozens of articles on creativity, complexity, and movement, and recently published one of the most educational books I’ve ever read. I love one of her key principles as a teacher is: “If your students don’t surprise you, you’re doing something wrong.” Listen to the conversation to find out how. It is in Catalan, you have it with English subtitles on the YouTube video of the episode.

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Here you have the video with English subtitles of the conversation with Carlota:

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Notes of the episode

Carlota Torrents on Google Scholar

Carlota Torrents on ResearchGate

A mi musa me la invento yo | Carlota Torrents

Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration | Ed Catmull

1st International Conference in Complexity and Dynamics Systems in Sports Training | Natàlia Balagué, Carlota Torrents, Duarte Araújo, Daniel Carrilho & Javier Mallo

Dynamic systems theory and sports training | Carlota Torrents & Natàlia Balagué

The motor creativity paradox: Constraining to release degrees of freedom | Carlota Torrents, Natàlia Balagué, Ángel Ric & Robert Hristovski

Sistemas complejos en deportes | Carlota Torrents

La teoría de los sistemas dinámicos y el entrenamiento deportivo | Carlota Torrents

Emergence of exploratory, technical and tactical behavior in small-sided soccer games when manipulating the number of teammates and opponents | Carlota Torrents, Ángel Ric, Robert Hristovski, Lorena Torres-Ronda, Emili Vicente & Jaime Sampaio

Creativity and emergence of specific dance movements using instructional constraints | Carlota Torrents Martín, Ángel Ric & Robert Hristovski

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